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When Mind Says "It is All Over"

In life there are always a set of good moments and then there are a set of ones we don't like. Our idea of life largely depends on how much our reality matches our expectations. These expectations are set in us based on various experiences, exposures, dreams, aspirations and everything we are influenced by.

Once something doesn't go our way, we feel pain. Here is how it works.

Emotion - Framework - Emotion

That downward emotion creates a framework, a framework of less hope. That framework then on gives rise to more similar emotions which are no longer dependent on the event, it then has a life of its own. Years ago while taking town buses I experienced a sudden bang on my head as a suitcase had fallen from the carrier on my head, that left an imprint to an extent then on, I would constantly keep looking up in a bus even when there is no luggage or even luggage space.

That emotion stayed in me regardless the event is live or not. This is where I was blessed to bring awareness and observe and realize the event is long gone, what lives in me and gets exaggerated is my own fear.

Fear Feeds Fear

Fear from one context connects to context from another. Soon it is no longer fear of an event, it is fear as an identity.

Event: Something didn't happen. Fear: Good things will never happen to me.

Event: Someone didn't pay attention to me. Fear: No one really likes me.

In every such instance there is exaggeration by the mind leading to a point of there is no hope left anymore.

When mind says it is all over, it is never ever events that get over, it is the deeply filled emotional story that makes us feel it is all over. Nothing is over. Life is fresh & beautiful. The more we see this, we are hit by a wave of freedom and we realize endless amazing possibilities.

Vision - Growth - Vision

This leads to an upward spiral where a moment of clarity leads to growth & then our identity is around growth, growth leads to more passion to live and give best. When I saw it was my fear from one incident in a bus, I felt freedom, I felt growth. In that growth, there was passion to see more, realize more, grow more, soon freedom becomes more important than fear.

This becomes the new life. We can all do it.

Let us think of this one thought before anything: If there was no hope in life, we wouldn't have even taken birth at the first place.
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