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Persisting without Fear

Fear is a destructive energy for any person.

Fear of any kind breeds illusion.

Dissecting, understanding and knowing fear is helpful to continue on without fear.

In life we all have some sort of fear, maybe it’s more prominent in some of us and less in others. Whatever our individual case are fear is fear big or small. These are some common fears entrepreneurs faces:

1. Fear of Failure 2. Fear of Success 3. Fear of Rejection 4. Fear of not being enough And the list goes on. Let’s take fear of failure and examine what it truly means and why it stops us in our tracks from going forward.

When we fear failure we are fearing some sort of illusion. We fear a made up story that hasn’t happened as yet. As long as we fear we know if hasn’t happened as yet. Now if it hasn’t happened as yet why do we fear it or allow it to take up so much of our energy.

If it hasn’t happened then it’s not called fears anymore it’s called experienced. Let’s think of all the experiences we’ve had do we fear them. Well if we are aware of these experiences we will use them to our advantages. We will know that the next time we need to do something in this space that we have an edge a head start already, and that’s called experience.

Now let’s examine again fear, fear of failure in particular, how can we be sure of failure if it has happened yet. And if it happened how can it be fear we already saw that if it happened it’s called experience. That’s how we persist, knowing that fear is just an experience and we will have all sort of experiences that we can use it to our advantage. These experiences helps us to proceed it’s as if we gotten a head start. Every experience takes us a bit closer to our outcome. Ultimately we all want to succeed, we want our ideas to come alive and live on. The way we make this happen is to continue to persists through fear knowing that fear hasn’t happened and if it does it’s no longer fear its an experience that is needed for a entrepreneur to succeed.

What we like to do now if the you through a small process to help you deeply understand this concept a bit more.

Find a comfortable space. For the next few minutes gently close your eyes, take in few deep and slow inhalation’s and exhalations. Now in this place of calm and understanding think of one fear that has been holding you back. Observer what that fear is exactly. Asked yourself these few questions. 1. Has it happened yet? 2. Is this a true fear or an illusion 3. Is it true in the first place

If it hasn’t happened yet, let’s imagine it has happened, see all the circumstances of it happening. Now that it has happened and with your profound new experience how would you be prepared for this if it was to truly happened. What can you do to change the outcome in your favor.

What you’ve just done here is a practice of bringing the future to the present and understanding the dynamics to create your preferred outcome.

See it, feel it, know it that you have the power to change the outcome of your fear by being aware of it and seeing it happening before it happened. With this practice and understanding you can now persist without fear.

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