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Is there a thing called mistake?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Is there a thing called mistake. Or is it only in our diction?

We think, talk, act. Sometimes we end up doing things that is incorrect and sure needs instant learning and rectification. When is it an ideal place to learn?

Often the idea of mistake and not to do it leads to a focus where the whole pursuit is more about making sure something doesnt happen, more than what could be created as a nice reality of our honest intent.

This downward focus coupled with fear leaves behind all creative energy and this destructive apprehension only leads to a downward spiral.

The biggest question we need to ask ourselves. What is more important: Growth or Labeling?

If it is labeling then all talk, thinking and activity will be around how bad & inappropriate the "mistake" is.

If the focus is on growth, then we have more of a bird's eye-view. That is when we ask the right questions to ourselves. Who shifts to why, good/bad shifts to growth.

As human beings we all seek to be validated, give that we seek. We often seek understanding when we say or do things we feel we shouldn't have. What we expect needs to start from us.

This seed in us forms roots to deeper compassion. Compassion is a place where it is no longer about labels, judgements & deeming, but rather a large perspective where every intent is to make things better for oneself & the other.

There is a shift from exclusive-ness to inclusive thinking & being. There is love.

In love it is no longer about mistakes, it is about acceptance & growth.

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