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Attention is Love!

Is there really a world out there? Or is it all how we feel?

Does anything have an absolute feeling of its own or it is all our own interpretations?

This really brings us to think what are we seeking for in life. Often we easily hurry to declare that the outer has to change in order to feel better from the inside. We judge, wait, prepare and do all we can hoping for the outer to change in order to feel better from the inside.

Yes outer has to change if needed. It is natural to look for a new avenue in life, may it be a new place, new job, new relationship, new venture, new horizon. The only emphasis here is to enquire is it all outer that can change the inner feeling.

How many times have we felt where we have entirely changed the outer and still yearning to feel a feeling in the inner that we long hoped.

For this to become clear, we have to inquire into the root of our thinking. In that inquiry, we realize how often we get used to expecting a whole perfect world out there in which there is waiting, procrastination & denial of true living.

Life is in the moment. Life is truly in the moment. Every moment is unique and in no way it is going to repeat. The moment we choose to bring attention to details of each moment, that moment is start of living.

We often see this in a baby's eyes- total undiluted attention. We feel a sense of love reverberating in that attention. The baby has become you.

"Attention is Love." Attention to details of things is love. In that attention we see all, we see our breath, sounds, smells, sensations & all the thoughts.

In that attention, judgement takes the backseat, need to observe supercedes the need to change.

It is "freedom with all that is, not freedom from"...........

True sense of freedom!!!

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