Mind Mastery

Think & Practice

Like a Monk

Experience a transforming 4 day event where we experience profound positive shift in our thinking, feeling & action. Live & experience a life as in a mindset of a monk focussed on deep learning & unlearning.

Feel The Shift:

Enjoy both the inner & outer world to the fullest.

Dissolve Mind Suffering.

Find clarity on all aspects of life.

Experience deep fulfilling relationships.

Deeply connect with oneself & truly enjoy every moment of life.

Feel still on the inside & successful on the outside.

Journey (Six Layers of Human)

  • 01

    Annamaya kosha

    physical body

    Experience a profound sense of oneness with your body & see & enjoy the intelligence of the body

  • 02

    Pranamaya kosha

    energy body

    Feel a deep balance of all energies in our being towards a sense of peace & clarity

  • 03

    Manomaya kosha

    mind body

    Understand, Realize & See the depths of your mind & experience profound mind clarity in thought, emotion & action.

  • 04

    Vigyanamaya kosha

    knowledge body

    Gain deep life transforming realizations on nature of life, mind & consciousness.

  • 05

    Karmamaya kosha

    web of action body

    Witness an expansion to a more bird's eyeview of the nature of the universe & feel one with creation.

  • 06

    Anandamaya kosha

    bliss body

    Know & feel the innate human nature of love, joy & deep oneness with all.

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Your Mind Teachers

(Founders of Ahhaa)

What People Say

Dr. Airong Lee

Prof of Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School

I have experienced the 6 koshas from Ashwin & Diane & it really changed my outlook of life entirely.

Now i am able to appreciate every bit of life and see my mind & its functioning & find deeper clarity.

I wish people come & experience this beautiful gift Ahhaa is bringing to people.

Sharon Bush

Founder - CEO

Teddy Share

I had the fortune of experiencing the work of Ashwin & Diane & ever since i am truly experiencing a deep sense of inner clarity & peace. I use to have tremendous problem with my sleep & could never get a wholesome sleep. From day 1 of the program, i started sleeping so deep & peaceful like never before. I have gained so many life insights & i truly believe the world needs ahhaa more & more.

Gulzar Azad

India Head - Connectivity

Google India

In my fast moving pace of life, often i was seeking for my mind to feel peace & clarity. That is exactly what happened during my experience with Ashwin & Diane. I feel a new renewed sense of mind clarity & health day after day due to deeply transformative practices i learnt in the program. I would truly recommned this program for all & thus enjoy this life with deep mind health.