Dissolve Challenges, Feel Love & Connection while Mastering Your Mind Towards Success & Fulfillment. 

Mindfit is a two (2) weeks life changing program.

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Most of us know how to be physically fit. But do we know how to be Mind Fit.

When a challenge arise, how do you respond? Do you react from a place of conflict - hurt, anger, fear, guilt or do you respond from a place of clarity - love, compassion, and respect. 


We were never taught how to respond to our emotions when we are faced with challenges.

Mind Fit Program will help you to understand the mind, be aware of what emotions of  making controlling your actions and learn the tools to dissolve the challenges and move to a place of happiness and fulfillment.

Transform your life by knowing where you are and where you want to go.

Free the stress, and learn to focus towards your goals for greater success.

Feel connected with yourself and loved ones.

Discover your passion and zest for life and help others around you live a life worth living. This program is designed and taught by the founders of Ahhaa, former monk Ashwin Srisailam, & mind thought leader, Diane Bacchus.

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About Diane Bacchus

About Diane Bacchus

Proud Mom

Proud Mom

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Global Stages

Ahhaa Cofounders

Ahhaa Cofounders

Hope for a Child in Haiti

Hope for a Child in Haiti

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             As the guidance counselor at P.S 100, I enjoyed this program for our 5th grade female students. It  was a good way to remind them about self acceptance and self-love. We considered this program as a  parting gift to our 5th grade girls who will soon be going off to Middle school. The students were engaged, happy and eager to participate in the breathing exercises. I would recommend Ahhaa programs to other schools.

Chris Lozado
            Guidance Counselor - PS 100