Get Mentored By Ashwin

(One on One) 

Former Monk, Sony Artist, Ahhaa Co-Founder & Global Speaker

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Clarity & Freedom

(4 Sessions of Profound Positive Life Transformation)


Get Mentored by Former Monk of 19 years,  Ashwin Srisailam for a fascinating immersive journey of clarity and freedom.




  • Transform every life conflict to clarity

  • Discover true inner purpose

  • Breakthrough limiting patterns

  • Feel profound love, joy and compassion

  • Live an awesome life of growth and compassion.


About Ashwin Srisailam:


Ashwin spent 19 years in monk hood from age 13, travelling 45 countries to help people find inner clarity and happiness including many celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan, A. R Rahman & late Michael Jackson.

Ashwin closely works with the government of India to bring practices of love,happiness & compassion to one and all. Many company such as HP, Oracle, Google and others have been engaging with ashwin & his company ahhaa  to bring inner growth to its ecosystem.

Ashwin is currently a trending Sony artist on Mind Health & his work can be heard on over 45 different platforms including Spotify, itunes, Saavn, Gaana, Amazon and more.

He has been a sort after contributor on the topic of Human Mind and AI.

Ashwin is currently working with senior researchers from NYU Langone on effect of mind solutions & PTSD.

Ashwin has led meditations at the United Nation & also spoken on topics such as "Beyond Fear"

Listen to Ashwin:


Nature of the Program- (3P's)


Simple Life Insights to transform conflict to clarity & feel inner freedom.


Deep healing process towards feeling profound love towards oneself.


Easy daily practices that can impact the mind patterns & shape a whole new life.


Dr. Airong Lee

Prof of Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School

I have experienced the 6 step journey from Ashwin & Diane & it really changed my outlook of life entirely.

Now i am able to appreciate every bit of life and see my mind & its functioning & find deeper clarity.

I wish people come & experience this beautiful gift Ahhaa is bringing to people.


Jojie Mammen


 Sony Dadc

As VP of Sony i have worked on many projects before but ahhaa is a whole new experience for me both personally & its impact on the society. I have seen deep shift happen to my own mind & my entire team today knows & feels the effect of ashwin's teachings.

The world needs ahhaa more & more.


Dr. Preeti Raghavan

Asst Professor

NYU Langone

I am a physician, a scientist, a manager, a mentor, a mentee, a colleague, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend - all at once and with all the responsibilities that each of these roles and relationships bring. Juggling these can be overwhelming and it is easy to become bogged down by them. Is the a solution?  It involves first becoming aware of one’s inner struggle. It requires guidance and practice, just like any other skill and Ashwin is a wonderful guide.   

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