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Let us awe inspire your team & clients.

Clear, Free & Happy Life Begins with Self Awareness, 

Learn from these thought leaders the principles, 

processes & practices needed to take your life & organization

 to the next level. 


Science Of A Healthy Mind

 Our Keynote touches on simple pricinples & practices to help individuals and organizations grow especially when faced with challenges. 

Design Success

 A 5-hour breakthrough program that helps people understand the art of shaping their lives for inner and outer success.


Ahhaa Self Awareness Program

A 5 month  journey where  core  members  of  the  organization go through an immersive journey of self-awareness and rescript their thinking patterns and actions towards greatness.



Imagine practicing thinking growing like a monk for 7 days.
A total profound mindbody journey that positively alters our 

entire being from me to we place. One experiences a total feeling of oneness with oneself at all levels. This program delivers the freedom for individuals to think, act and be on all levels of life. offer. 

The Inner Leader

 A Closed Group of Global Mindsets that will be mentored by Ashwin & Diane to lead from a place of Vision, Inclusive Thinking, Self Awareness, and The Awakened Consciousness.

"I am so grateful to Ahhaa for all the mentoring & being by my side as i think & run fashion globally."

Lubov Azria, BCBG Group

Ahhaa is a great help engine that helps people's minds to be happy & thrive.I am happy that many lives are being inspired.

A. R Rahman, Oscar Winning Musician

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