Mind Mastery is a composition of 26 years of my own journey with 19 of those years living the life as a monk and teaching leaders in over 45 countries. This is a one of a kind Retreat for the wellness & revitalization of what is most important in your life your Mind, Body & Spirit.  This retreat is created for you to bring along your loved ones as well so the journey continues in your own home way beyond these 7 nights/ 8 days. At the same time, the real transformation in this program will come from you. The deepening process the 6 Koshas along with daily wellbeing Ayurvedic body treatments specialized meals catered for each participants body type will create lasting change in your inner and outer world.  

The goal of Mind Mastery is to help each participant learn to see every thing in a new light with deep inner clarity and create the inner peace and happiness they have been yearning for. The commitment you are taking today is greatly admired as its in these commitments that we shape the rest of future for both internal and external greatness. 

I look forward to helping you master your mind and wellbeing and to achieve the life you want to carve own life for yourself and those around you. 

Lots of Blessings towards your Journey.

Ashwin Srisailam

Starting at age 9 as entrepreneur selling bread door to door and helping my family to later several years in Corporate America and running my own business I deeply questioned my true inner purpose and was this all life had to offer, the day to day living without the feeling of deep inner fulfillment. When I starting my inner journey life was never the same again.  I experienced deep profound shifts in my thinking and doing that today I am able to pay forward my learnings as a thought leader on the mind  on global stages such as the United Nations, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital to name a few. I feel such a sense of fulfillment to be able to share this wisdom with my kids from a young age. The truest form of living is to be aware of each sensory which Mind Mastery will give you.  I am deeply honored to be your mentor on this journey of deep inner fulfillment.

Life after Mind Mastery will be Awesome.


Diane Bacchus

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