Deloitte Onboards Ahhaa as Mind Wellness Partner

Ahhaa is privileged to partner with Deloitte & bring

ahhaa mind solutions to Deloitte workforce and also

their clients.

The first batch starts on July 9th where Deloitte &

Ahhaa together will work with a leading automobile

parts company where Deloitte would focus on their

outer business growth & Ahhaa will bring deep self

awareness programs to help the executives of the

company break free from mind patterns & rise as

clearer individuals.

Ahhaa's signature ASAP -Ahhaa Self Awareness

Program will happen for a period of 11 months. The

need for self awareness in the lives of company leaders

is becoming more relevant than ever before & ahhaa is

right there offering the best transformative solutions

for seamless growth.

Deloitte is planning to hold 5 such groups every year.

This is just a beginning of the journey together. Indepth

discussions are on to bring ahhaa to Deloitte's entire



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