Experience 3 hours of amazing mind breakthroughs with Ashwin

Are you seeking for clarity in life?
Are you looking to find purpose?

Feel a profound mind shift with Ashwin -A Former Monk, Mind Solutions Expert, Co-founder Ahhaa.
Ashwin will guide you through a process of self awareness &
help break limiting patterns and find deep clarity & happiness.

About Ashwin:

Ashwin spent 19 years in monk hood travelling 45 countries
 to help people find inner clarity and happiness including many
 celebrating and the late Michael Jackson. Ashwin started Ahhaa
with Diane- A Mind Wellness Platform.

 Ashwin closely works with the government of India to bring practices
 of love,happiness & compassion to one and all. Many company such 
as HP, Oracle, Google and others have been engaging with ahhaa 
and the founders to bring inner growth to it ecosystem. 

Ashwin's work can be heard on over 45 different platforms including
 Spotify, itunes, Amazon and more. He has been a sort after contributon the topic of Human Mind and AI.  Ashwin has led meditations at the
 United Nation & also spoke on topics such as "Beyond Fear".

Ashwin works closely with Cambridge University Press in developing 
wellness programs for the workforce. 

Breakthrough With Ashwin

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