Ahhaa Tracks grow on 45 global platforms

with Sony DADC

Ahhaa Albums distributed By Sony have been warmly

received in various countries.

The first album went live in Nov 2017 and every since it

is already widely acclaimed on various platforms.

Then on Ahhaa has released 4 albums in all with 24

tracks that is striking a deep chord with people whether

with their family, or at work or on the go.

Sony DADC entire team themselves experienced one of

ahhaa events & that has helped them to immerse all the

more in loving & giving their best to the growth of these

albums and its impact reaching one & all.

Ahhaa 4th Album "Live Awesome" Series first track

"The Right Call" went live last week & its unique

practice can be gamechanger to every individual who is

looking to make a right call in life.


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